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Thu, 04 Nov 2021

Name: nyamsuren tegshjargal

Chinese Name: teghi

Nationality: Mongolia

Date of birth: July 18, 1979

School time: September 2002 June 2003 (3 + 1)

Student level: Undergraduate

Major: Law

Employer: Vice President of Mongolia state owned Nonferrous Metals Group

Leaving a message:值此母校百年华诞,祝愿母校为全球培育更多的优秀人才,创造新的辉煌!

Name: ARIF Muhammad

Chinese Name: ARIF

Nationality: Pakistan

Date of birth: May 1977

School time: September 2012 - July 2018

Student level: doctoral degree

Major: News Communication

Employer: School of communication, Pakistan National University of science and technology

Leaving a message: 

      As I expected, HBU turned out to be the best place of leraning, and offered a great multicultural environment. It an ideal place for the students looking to study in a dynamic and transnational international environment. I have learned a lot through constructive dialogue with students from all over the world. Also,  HBU offered a highly challenging but equally stimulating environment for me to help develop my career and refreshed my life perspectives. Thanks to the excellent faculty,  my very first encounter with media and communication courses invoked in me excitement and fascination for the field to such an extent that I ultimately decided to pursue a PhD in media and communication. I recall that the period spent there was one of the best periods of my life. HBU is really a treasure house.The education insights and skills I  got at HBU... and my living experience in China has contributed tremendously in my career path as my current job requires engagement with people from various nations and working in a multi-cultural environment. I appreciate and extend my gratitude to the management, faculty, staff of HBU,  and  friends from China for givng me this golden opportunityy of insightful learning and professional development.

Name: Arai Kenichi

Chinese Name: Kenichi Arai

Nationality: Japan

Date of birth: October 1988

School time: September 2012 - June 2016

Student level: Bachelor's degree

Employer: Shenzhen clown Technology Co., Ltd

Name: Saddam lebchir

Chinese Name: Dali

Nationality: Mauritania

Date of birth: December 1992

School time: September 2018 - June 2020

Student level: Master's degree

Major: Chinese International Education

Employer: now engaged in e-commerce

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Name: Sandra Ahmed

Chinese Name: Lan Ping

Nationality: Egypt

Date of birth: June 1993

School time: September 2014 June 2017

Student level: Master's degree

Major: Chinese International Education

Employer: CCTV

Leaving a message:

        HBU is the first home I had in china, I am so greatful that my first step in china was in hebei university, teachers are great, living there wasn't hard. In hebei university, you will never feel you left your home, because you will not just learn, you will have a new family and learn different culture. teachers there are so helpful and friendly. In hebei university, your teacher will become your friend, that's a unique thing i never found in any other place during my 8 year journey in china. that's why i wish you all choose hebei university to be your home in china. 

Name: Herbert mushangwe

Chinese Name: Li Kaiming

Nationality: Zimbabwe

Date of birth: July 1981

School time: September 2012 - July 2015

Student level: doctoral candidate

Major: Chinese language and Literature

Employer: University of Zimbabwe, XLM Chinese Training Center

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