➭ Regulations
Thu, 04 Nov 2021


I. International students come to China to have Short or long term studying, must apply for Studying Visa (X1 or X2).

II. The international students with “RESIDENCE PERMIT FOR FOREIGNER IN THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA” should notice the valid date. The international students need to extend Residence Permit should go to office to apply for extension 30 days in advance.

III. International students study in Hebei University with X1 visa, must conductResidence Permit for foreigner in Baoding Police Bureau within 30 days.

IV. The international students study in Hebei University with X2 visa (short-term studying visa, within 150—180 days), if want to continue studying in Hebei University for the second semester, should go to office to apply for Admission Notice before end of semester, so could apply for X2 Visa again.

V. International students leave Baoding city, must check in with your own passport at reception desk of International Students Apartment Building within 24 hours.

VI. International students is forbidden to have any kind of full-time or part-time job in China without permission by University and Police (In Chinese Law, illegal job judging will not determined by get rewards or not).

VII. It is forbidden to have any missionary, illegal religious assembly or any other activities that against Chinese laws and Regulations.

VIII. International students is forbidden to drive vehicles, including cars,motorcycles, refitted electricity bikes, etc. 


I. Follow studying regulations firmly, attend class on time, and avoid lateness, early dismissal, absence for class and exam. According to teaching regulations of the college, the student who can not obtain credits due to absence for class and exam, need to revamp the course and pay for related charges.

II. If you need to be away from university, should go to office to follow asking leave procedures in advance. After returning to university, should go to office to report back.

III. If international students want to organized any kind of activities by themselves, the organizer must submit a written application to office, and be approved by University. The

attending members must be Hebei University teachers or Students. 

IV. Keep quiet in the international students’ apartment building, and do not hold any activities that will disturb others’ studying and rest, such as making noise, turning up excessive volume of music players.

V. Cherish teaching and living facilities in classroom and apartment, do not damage public properties. Save water and power, and make sure to shut down the power of lights and appliances before your leaving.

VI. Do not drink excessively or take drugs.

VII. Be united and friendly to others, to create a loving international family with common efforts.

College of International Exchange and Education, Hebei University